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The Wild West is a place most people wish they could visit and experience. The experience that is so sought after is that of the gunslinger/Cowboy. One way to go through this experience is through video games. Red Dead Revolver allows the player to go through the gunslinger experience. This game is full of tropes that are typically found in westerns, and some of the tropes include: lone gunman, strong and silent hero, and the Sheriff that needs help. Although this is a fun game to play, it is hard to see any historical accuracy throughout the game. This is because of all the tropes and lack of doing anything other than shooting people. The main story and videos that play in between the game play only lead you to more tropes. The narrative is driven by killing.

The game Red Dead Revolver begins with the character Red and his mother at home on the farm when his father comes home. He say something like, “all are trouble are over, we are rich.” He then tell them he found gold and that they no longer have to worry about anything. That is when disaster strikes Red and his family. Colonel Daren arrives with some of his men, and he is looking to get the gold from Red’s father. The Colonel and his men began to attack Red and his family. Red joins his father in trying fight off the Colonel, but in the end the colonel kills Red’s mother and father. When this happens, Red picks up his father revolver out of the fire and shoots Colonel Daren, and the shot takes his arm off. The Colonel mortally wounded escapes with his life and Red is left with his dead parents. After the massacre that Red survived, the game jumps a  few years to the future when he is a grown man. He becomes a bounty hunter and goes after gangs and is clearly still upset about what happened to him as a child.

Red Dead Revolver is played in a third person shooter and in each scene that is what about all you do. This game puts all the tropes into play while going through the game. The first trope that is seen is with Red, in the role as the strong silent type and as a gunslinger. Throughout the beginning of the game he does not say much if anything at all. Red is clearly a gunslinger because that is something you do in every scene that there is game play. The only time Red is not shooting something or someone is during the videos that give the dialog for the game. All this portrays him as what is thought to be the typical “Anglo cowboy.” The game even has a racial aspect, when it comes to some of the “bad guys” that you have to fight in the game.

In the second or third scene of the game, Red walks up to a town and is trying to get the bounty of a gang he just killed in the previous scene. A couple of the bad guys you fight in this scene are meant to look like Mexicans. They have the typical trope look of a Mexican bad guy; they have two ammo belts going across their chest, big mustache, and topped off with a big sombrero. Even the boss you fight in this level, who is the leader of the gang do not look white, and he tries to kill the sheriff.

Red Dead Revolver is a fun third person shooter but is drowning in tropes. The game play is almost strictly shooting with not much other to do while playing. This game, like all shooting games, makes killing seem like an everyday thing that is normal. The game would be much more enjoyable if the narrative had more of an impact on the game.

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