Oregon Trail

  1. What’s the Narative?

Player find ways to survive the Oregon trail in order to arrive at the destination of Oregon. Players go through several obstacles such as attempting to get across rivers and make sure there is always enough food.

2.  What’s The Primary Historical argument Being made in the game? HOw is the West represented?

The historical argument being made is that the Oregon Trail was unpredictable and deadly.

3. How does the Game Treat women, Latinx, African Americans?

Women didn’t really recover from injuries as well as the men. The Natives only traded food.

4. Who’s The main Protagonist? why would that matter?

White pioneer male leading the wagon is the protagonist.  It was primarily white people that traveled across the oregon trail.

5. What’s the over all effectiveness of the game? Do the graphics matter? why?

The effectiveness of the game proved to be very well. It showed how deadly the trail was in history. It showed every possible thing that could go wrong.  I think the graphics do matter because it gives on a visual of how serious the trail was in history.

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