Oregon Trail

The narrative is you, along with four other settlers plan to move west and start a new life. So you gather your supplies and began your journey on the Oregon Trail. Along the way you encounter lots of misfortune on on the trail. Some of the types of misfortune you encounter includes, sickness, hunger,  

The argument is that the moving west was not an easy thing to do and it was not for the faint of heart. This is show with the game represents the west. The West is a rough and tough place to get across and many different danger await you.

Woman, Native Americans, and people of color do not have that big of a role in the game. If one of them had a bigger role than the others, it would be women. This is because you have women in your group traveling the Oregon Trail that you need to keep alive to get a better score. Other than that you could take out the other two groups and the game play would not change.

Graphics do help to get the narrative across. With the graphics, the player is offered what it was like instead of what they create in there mind. It also allows for smoother game play. 

The game did a good job of showing how difficult travel would have been along the trail back then. Although some of the people may have not be represented properly, the travel and dangers of the trail seem to paint a vivid picture of how life would have been.


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