Metal Gear Solid 5 Gender Roles


Metal Gear Solid 5

The portrayal of men in video games are the typical overt masculine character who has unlimited abilities, to thrash, solve puzzles, and the fun part, kill. For the case with women who make up half of the gamer community, are consistently underrepresented and sexually objectified. The portrayal of women in video games often reflects on traditional gender roles, sexual objectification, and negative stereotypes. For example, characters in mainstream games such as Laura Croft and Samus Aran are common examples of sexual objectification in video games. Women being sexually objectified in video games taints the perception that a fully clothed female character is less appealing, which researchers have found that on average, female-led games sell fewer copies than male-led ones and have lower marketing budgets.

In Metal Gear Solid 5, I could not wrap my mind around the idea of what was the purpose for the character “Quiet.” One could obviously see that she is a great asset for getting through tough missions, bosses and very skilled in sniping. The dialogue of the character was little to none and what stands out the most was her perfect yoga body, bouncing breast, and her absurd striptease in the puddle of rain. Furthermore, Kojima leaned on creating Quiet as the sexy character which holds no purpose in the framing of the video game. The game succeeded in exposing the atrocities of adolescents being kidnapped from their families to be later brainwashed and used as kid-soldiers. Also, highlighting the Rhodesian Bush War which Kojima did not classify that the main character “Snake” was in the middle of that war, but one would gain the idea of what was going on at the time setting of the game.  These accomplish ideas that Kojima put together were very appealing for any gamer to enjoy but to objectify a female in the sexual factor diminishes the characters agency and quite frankly its disappointing.

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