Gender in video games

Women in video games are most commonly portrayed to entice male gamers.  To appease the male gamers, women are either sexualized or adapt masculine traits in the games. In arcade games such as “Mortal Kombat” the female characters are sexualized  with their large breasts and revealing outfits. This trend of sexualizing women is scene in other games such as “Marvel Vs Capcom”, “Tomb Raider” and many more.  Although there are still current examples of women being sexualized in games, over the course of time women’s appearances in some games have changed. Women are not always  sexualized in video games. In both AAA games “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “Assassins creed Syndicate” both female lead characters are not sexualized. One can make the argument that the women characters are visually attractive, but their conservative outfits show a diversion from the previous sexualization of female characters in games.  However, the female characters previously mentioned are still molded to appease the male gamers.  These female characters show masculine characteristics that overpower feminine traits. Just because  video game creators put a woman as the lead role does not mean that they are showing the female gender equal treatment. The creators of the game are just putting a female mask onto a male character.

At a glance, one can see that the treatment of women has progressed in video games since over the course of time. Games such as “clusters revenge” are no longer being produced. However, just because women are no longer the victims of violent acts such as rape in video games today, foes not mean that their roles in games have progressed. Women that do not take on a masculine characteristics are still portrayed as inferiors that need to be rescued, similarly to Princess Peach in Donkey Kong.  Regardless of the gender identity of the main character, the storyline of masculinity rescuing feminine characters is predominate in almost every game. An example of this can be seen in Horizon Zero Dawn. Although the main character is a female, she is raised by a rugged male character that trains her into the masculine character that she is. Her separation from her feminine traits, allows her to be the hero and save the everyone.  Just because there are more female characters does not mean that women are being treated better in video games.


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