Gender in Games

Female protagonists in these arcade type games are for the most part portrayed as just an image, they do not contribute much to the plot. Nowadays female protagonists have a much bigger role in games including AAA titles. However, many of these AAA titles are shooters and women in these games are portrayed in a very masculine way. One game that is guilty of this is Tomb Raider, even though Lara Croft is a woman, her characteristics such as being able to shoot your way through obstacles are more masculine than feminine. Another example of this is in one of the cut scenes for the upcoming Battlefield V game, a young female resistance fighter in Norway beats up an SS officer who is twice her size. In general, I think things have improved for women in video games as they have more representation. However, this representation is not entirely accurate and there should be a way to increase the importance of female protagonists without making them behave entirely like male protagonists.

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