Gender in Games (discussion and Blog Post)

Nicholas Stone


Gender in Games (discussion and Blog Post)

Female protagonists are portrayed in twine and other games in a lot of ways.  However, a common pattern that they are portrayed in is in a sexuality way.  The lover boy game is a game found in bars or places where adults gather in.  Women are portrayed as sex objects in the game, especially with the different sex positions shown in the game.  Although, the game Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball depicts women in a different way.  This game portrays women in a beach setting while showing off the ideal female body.

Men are represented in games a lot different than women.  Men are represented through muscle and the ability to jump in a game and kill in a game.  Also, men are represented as the hero in games.  For example, in Jungle Hunt, the man has to swing from vines, and overcome obstacles in order to save the girl.   A common role that women tend to play in these games are that of the victim or of a way to show off the female body.

The time period for video games in the 80s and 90s effect their development and writing in many ways.  Technology was very limited in those days compared to are time now.  Also, mechanics were done a lot different too. In those days, most games were created for the male population even thought this did not mean that women didn’t play video games.

I believe that things have gotten better for women in video games.  Especially, because now there are games specially made for the woman consumer such as the game Portal Runner for PlayStation 2 or games where women can create fashion or designs.  Now in days it is more common for both genders to play video games.




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