Assassins creed Unity

The plot of Assassin’s Creed Unity takes place during the French Revolution. Setting the obvious fallacies asides, this game does a fair job at depicting the common narrative for this historical event. When the player is roaming through the map it is clear that there is an immense amount of poverty and chaos going on within France, which is accurate. However, the game makes it out to be a lot worse than it was. One example of this over dramatization is that there seems to be a public execution going on all day, everyday. Although there were countless public executions during Robespierre’s “Reign of Terror”, the plot has you kill Robespierre very early in the plot. If Robespierre was the murderous leader that the game makes him out to be, then the executions would have not been so frequent after his death. This brings us the next critique of this game. When examining the historiography of the French Revolution, the analysis of Robespierre is debated heavily. Robespierre is responsible for the death of thousands of people, including one of the most famous revolutions Georges Danton, but some historians argue Robespierre is a hero of the French Revolution. His character is portrayed as a power hungry ruler, but some historians believe that his actions fueled purly off of his desire for a successful revolution. This game leaves no room for players to draw their own conclusions about one of the most important people in the French Revolution. Even though there are a lot of fictional aspects to this game, I do believe it can be a tool for teaching history. One reason for this belief comes strictly from one of the game trailers. The trailer talks about why the revolution started, including previous lost wars, a rich upper class and a poor lower class. Prior to enrollment at Cal State Long Beach, I personally had no idea why the French Revolution started or who lead it. The French Revolution is hardly ever mentioned in any high school or middle school curriculum, even though it is arguably one of the most important revolution in modern history. This game shows the player that the revolution was based on struggles that the lower class citizens faced, which is trend for numerous rebellions and revolutions throughout the history of the world. The trailer also mentions key historical events, such as the storming of the Bastille, the Tennis Court Oath and the beheadings of King Louis XVI and Robespierre. At the end of the trailer it mentions another revolution taking place. The creator of this trailer was most likely just trying to end with that line to set up the storyline for the game, but it is similar to the plot for the actual French Revolution. Unlike the American revolution, the French Revolution took more than just breaking away from a monarchical power to achieve their victory. A lot of other things happened during this revolution and some even argue that France did not end their revolution until the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. Just by showing this trailer to a class a student could learn about this historical event and possibly strike an interest that will motivate them to learn more. Another reason I believe this game can be used as a teaching tool is because it gives the player access to some historical documents. I understand that most players will not read these documents instead of playing the game, but it is important for people to have access to them and be familiar with the terms. This game also did a great job in their map design. The creators of the game put in real life monuments and landmarks within the map. One benefit of the accuracy of the map is being able to compare the beauty of the Palace of Versailles versus the streets. If the player compares the two they can gain a better understanding about the difference in economic stature between the classes and what motivated the Revolution.

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