Gender in Games (discussion and Blog Post)

Nicholas Stone


Gender in Games (discussion and Blog Post)

Female protagonists are portrayed in twine and other games in a lot of ways.  However, a common pattern that they are portrayed in is in a sexuality way.  The lover boy game is a game found in bars or places where adults gather in.  Women are portrayed as sex objects in the game, especially with the different sex positions shown in the game.  Although, the game Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball depicts women in a different way.  This game portrays women in a beach setting while showing off the ideal female body.

Men are represented in games a lot different than women.  Men are represented through muscle and the ability to jump in a game and kill in a game.  Also, men are represented as the hero in games.  For example, in Jungle Hunt, the man has to swing from vines, and overcome obstacles in order to save the girl.   A common role that women tend to play in these games are that of the victim or of a way to show off the female body.

The time period for video games in the 80s and 90s effect their development and writing in many ways.  Technology was very limited in those days compared to are time now.  Also, mechanics were done a lot different too. In those days, most games were created for the male population even thought this did not mean that women didn’t play video games.

I believe that things have gotten better for women in video games.  Especially, because now there are games specially made for the woman consumer such as the game Portal Runner for PlayStation 2 or games where women can create fashion or designs.  Now in days it is more common for both genders to play video games.




Playing with History Critque


Nicholas Stone

Playing with History




Assassin’s Creed Unity is a great historical game based off of the French Revolution.  It starts off in the city of Versailles and then eventually in Paris, France.  The narrative of the game is not the story of the French Revolution.  It is in fact, the use of the history of the French Revolution to tell a story of a chain of events that starts with the murder of a character’s father known as De la Serre, which ends in the death of Germain who is the knights Templar grand master.  Although, Assassin’s Creed Unity is based off the history of the French Revolution, nevertheless, the narrative of the game has a story of its own.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is an action based game.  The goal of the narrative of the game is to complete missions where you may have to save someone’s life or kill someone.  The Prelusory goal of the game is to kill without getting caught by the French military.  In the game, a person has the ability to jump from building to building.   They can also run across the roof tops of Paris France.  A person has the ability to stab and shoot someone.

There are many Characters in the game that relate to the History of the French Revolution.  Some include King Louis XVI, Napoleon Bonaparte, Donatien Alphonse Francoios, Marquis de Sade, and more importantly Maximillian de Robespierre as well as Francois-Thomas Germain.  The main title characters are Arno Dorian who was the son of an Assassin and Elise de la Serre who was Arno’s love interest in the game.

The game has very great mechanics.  One can jump from one building to another without falling to the ground and dying.  In other games, one had to have some sort of soft landing after scaling a building.  The parkour is a lot better than it used to be in other Assassin’s creed games. The graphics of the game help portray beautiful way. The art and display bring out the graphics to a point where you feel like you are in the city of Versailles or the city of Paris.  Also, what really brings out the revolution in the graphics is the crowds of people in the city.  The crowds bring out the energy levels that the French Revolution once had.   The History of the French Revolution is not used that much in the game even though it takes place in the French Revolution.  There were many key figures like Robespierre that are hardly ever used in the game.  The French Revolution is a great time period and yet it is hardly used in the game. The game centers more around the Assassin and his love interest than it does the history itself.

This game is more of an active play game because the dynamics of the game revolve around the parkour and the killing rather than the history of the French Revolution itself.  The ultimate goal of the game is to avenge the title characters adopted father’s death.   Unfortunately, what makes the game rather difficult is that it is really easy to get seen by guards and they all work together to kill you.  Stealth is key to getting around in the game because it can mean the difference on whether or not someone can survive or die.  However, stealth can also be very difficult as one could get caught if one false move is made.

In conclusion, this game has some amazing qualities like the graphics as well as the Parkour.  The Narrative could have been a little more historical based in the sense that it should have had more historical events from the French Revolution in the game.  The game most accurately depicts the reality of the city of Paris and Versailles as it would in the real world.  However, what makes it slightly in accurate is that that French Flag in the game didn’t exist during the French Revolution.  Some of the monuments in the game didn’t exist during the French Revolution.  Although, this has to be expected in a game because it is in fact just a game.  Overall, Assassins Creed is a very great game and would recommend to anyone who is into history or just looking for something fun to play.


Oregon Trail

  1. What’s the Narative?

Player find ways to survive the Oregon trail in order to arrive at the destination of Oregon. Players go through several obstacles such as attempting to get across rivers and make sure there is always enough food.

2.  What’s The Primary Historical argument Being made in the game? HOw is the West represented?

The historical argument being made is that the Oregon Trail was unpredictable and deadly.

3. How does the Game Treat women, Latinx, African Americans?

Women didn’t really recover from injuries as well as the men. The Natives only traded food.

4. Who’s The main Protagonist? why would that matter?

White pioneer male leading the wagon is the protagonist.  It was primarily white people that traveled across the oregon trail.

5. What’s the over all effectiveness of the game? Do the graphics matter? why?

The effectiveness of the game proved to be very well. It showed how deadly the trail was in history. It showed every possible thing that could go wrong.  I think the graphics do matter because it gives on a visual of how serious the trail was in history.

Nicholas Stone 5 History based games

  1. Battle Field 1  – Thesis/Narative = Takes place in World War I.  players get to experience what it was like traveling across Europe all while going through different battles of the War.  Trench warfare is introduced in the game.  Character = World War I soldier.  Setting = Battle Field of World War I
  2. Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 -Thesis/Narative = Takes place in World War II. Players get to experience the Battle of Blood Gultch through the perspective of the 502nd parachute Infantry.  Character = players will play as Sergant Matt Baker.  Setting = World War 2
  3. Rome Total War – Thesis/ Narative =  The game begins right before the first punic war starts. Experience the ancient battles. Character = Roman soldier. Setting = Ancient Rome
  4. Tropico 3 – Thesis/Narative = Players get to experience what it was like in the cold war from the Latin American Perspective.  Character = Latin American Dictator. Setting = Carribean Islands.
  5. Freedom = Narative/ Thesis = Players get to experience the struggle and realities of what it was like for slaves in the U.S. who attempted to escape from their masters.  Setting = pre civil war. Character = slave

Which represents its History Best? Why?

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 represents history the best because one can see how bloody the war was as well as what it took to survive and win the battles of the war.